Video of Tesla Update 2024.14.3 Shows New Wiper Controls, Visualizations and More (2024)

By Not a Tesla App Staff

Video of Tesla Update 2024.14.3 Shows New Wiper Controls, Visualizations and More (6)

Tesla's 2024.14.3 update brings some design changes

Klaus Schmid / Not a Tesla App

Klaus Schmid on YouTube has posteda nice videooverview of some of themajornew features in this major update.

While most of the design changes appear to be limited to vehicles with AMD Ryzen chips, there are plenty of features to be excited about for Intel ownersas well.

Parked Visualization

In the video, Klaus of coursefiddleswith theamazing-lookingnew vehicle model that is front andcenterwhile the vehicle is parked. You can freely pan, zoom,andplay with the vehicle. The Cybertruck was the first vehicle to feature this new v12 designand even includes an easter egg when you tap on the glass multiple times. There’s no word on whether there are any easter eggs built into other vehicles.

The 3D model looks fantastic, but it's not immediately clear whether it's the same model that Tesla was using before this update or potentially a higher-resolution version, which could help explain the AMD requirement for this view.

The map while parked is now small and in the top-right corner of the screen. However, you can make the vehicle's visualization smaller so that it goes back to the older look with the visualization on the left and maps on the right.

Video of Tesla Update 2024.14.3 Shows New Wiper Controls, Visualizations and More (7)

The new parked visualization

Spotify Queue

Next, Klaus goes into Spotify, which now gives you the ability to queue up songs instead of just playing a predefined playlist or starting a new song immediately.

Quick Access to Car Wash Mode

Under Controls, you also now have quick access to Car Wash Mode, instead of having to remember it's under Service.

New Wiper Controls

The windshield wipers have been one of the mostcontroversialtopics on Teslas, mostly due to their automatic function not always working well. Tesla continues to add wiper controls to make them easier to manage.

In the last few updates, Tesla has now added various ways to control the wipers. You're able to add the wipers button to the dock at the bottom of the screen, use the newer multi-function control to control them with the left scroll wheel,andnow Tesla is adding another way to control them.

Video of New Features

Easier Way to Change Wiper Speed

With update 2024.14.3, if you press the button on the left stalk to activate the wipers, you can now adjust their speed up by moving the scroll wheel up or down. Before this update, you could do something similar, but it required tilting the scroll wheel left/right, which wasn't as intuitive.

If you have your wipers on and set to a certain speed after installing this update, you’ll now also be able to tap the wipers button to cycle through the various speed options.

While this is a welcomed improvement,all the wiper control changes could bea little confusing for folks who don't follow Tesla as closely as we all do. In the end, the issue comes down to the automatic wiper function not working reliably, which is a little ridiculous since every automaker has already solved this problem with a $4 rain sensor. Tesla makes a lot of gambles, and I guess this one hasn’t panned out.


Owners outside of North America will finally be able to enjoy full-screen visualizations, althoughunfortunately,it doesn't include the full set of visualizations that are included with FSD. It appears that Tesla is keeping the full visualizations tied to FSD.

For drivers in North America who own or subscribe to FSD, which was recently lowered in price, the new full-screen view brings some improvements.

The new media player is now centered on the screen and includes additional buttons such as repeat, shuffle, searchandmore. You also get the small map in the corner which is useful to be able to see your next turn.

Update 2024.14.3Installed on 2% of vehicles2 Installs todayLast updated: May 5, 9:40 am

In addition, Tesla is now leaving the "Navigate to" module on thescreenas well, so that you can set a new destination without leaving the admittedly nicefull-screenview.

Update 2024.14.3 just started rolling out to owners yesterday, so it will be several weeks before most owners have access to this update. For now, check out all of our coverage and the release notes to see which features you can look forward to.


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By Not a Tesla App Staff

Video of Tesla Update 2024.14.3 Shows New Wiper Controls, Visualizations and More (16)

Tesla is starting to roll out its latest iteration of Autopark to additional vehicles. The featurethat letsyour vehiclepark automatically was initially rolled out in North America to vehicles without ultrasonic sensors (USS). However, now with FSD v12.3.6, it'sgoing out to vehicles with USS as well.

However, there are differences in how Autopark looks visually, depending on whether you have an infotainment unit that is based on the slower Intel Atom processor, or the latest AMD Ryzen processor.

What’s the Same

Both vehicles will receive the new Autopark and the functionality remains the same. The difference lies in the visuals and whether the vehicle is capable of displaying Tesla’s High Fidelity Park Assist. All vehicles will display available parking spots when you're traveling under 5 mph. You can then tap any of the spots to have your vehicle automatically park at the chosen location.

Intel Vehicles Will Still New New Visuals

Contrary to what was expected, vehicles with the older processor will still display some new visuals, beyond the parking spots. Think of it as a less intense version of High Fidelity Park Assist. Whereas Park Assist on AMD vehicles showsa complete3D reconstruction of objects in 3D, Intel vehicles will display whatlooksmore like a two-dimensional overhead view. However, it will still display road markings, like arrows and parking lines and even walls and barriers, but unfortunately, the view can not be spun in a 3D fashion like visualizations normally can.

This is a great summary of my AutoPark discoveries yesterday w/ FSD 12.3.6 on my Model 3 with Ultrasonic Sensors and INTEL Atom CPU.

More to come soon. 👊

— ⚡️TechGeek Tesla 🔋⚡️ (@jonbbc) April 29, 2024

The lines and objects displayed aredifferent fromthe vector-based linesthe vehicle normally displays on roads. FSD visualizations aren’t, in fact, recreating the environment they see, they’re simply detecting an arrow, line, or object and then replacing it with a pre-created 3D asset in the visualization. Although these reconstructions don’t look as sharp or pretty, they’ll mimic whatever isactuallydrawn on the road.

For vehicles with AMD processors, you'll see thepreviouslyreleased High Fidelity Park Assist (video below), which doeslookamazing.

If you’d like to always use High Fidelity Park Assist visuals even when you’re not using Autopark, then you’ll need to disable your ultrasonic sensors and give up the accurate measurements they display.

You can change yoursettingunder Controls > Autopilot > Park Assist and toggle between Standard or Vision.

High-fidelity park assist is shipping this weekend to Tesla customers without ultrasonic sensors as part of the holiday release!

— Ashok Elluswamy (@aelluswamy) December 17, 2023

Who Gets the New Autopark

If your vehicle has ultrasonic sensors, then the new Autopark is currently only available on FSD v12.3.6 , which is update 2024.3.25, but since Autopark only requires Enhanced Autopilot or above, it should be bundled with a non-FSD update in the future.

While the new Autopark is only available in North America, it is expected to be rolled out to additional regionsin the near futureas Tesla continues to test the feature.

If you're not sure if your vehicle has an Intel Atom or AMD Ryzen processor, you candouble-checkby going under Controls > Software > Additional Vehicle Information. You'll see your infotainment processor listed there.

By Cláudio Afonso

Video of Tesla Update 2024.14.3 Shows New Wiper Controls, Visualizations and More (25)

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk emailed the company’s executives informing them about further layoffs including Supercharging, Public Policy and New Product Iteration teams. The reductions come in addition to the more than 10 percent staff cut announced two weeks ago.

In an email seen by The Information, Musk stated that the company needs “to beabsolutelyhardcore about headcount and cost reduction”.

“Starting at 10 AM EST Tuesday, I will ask for the resignation of any executive who retains more than three people who don’tobviouslypass the excellent, necessary, and trustworthy test,” the Tesla CEO wrote.

Musk Talks About the Future of Superchargers

Tesla recently reached 50,000 Superchargers globally and marked the occasion with a special edition Supercharger. Superchargers are the world's most reliable, fast-charging network, partly due to Tesla’s real-time monitoring. As Tesla has recently started opening its Supercharging network to other automakers, the move to axe the entire Supercharger team caused perplexity among investors and customers.

On X, Musk commented on the concerns a few hours later saying Tesla still plans to grow the Supercharger network, "just at a slower pace for new locations”. The company will instead focus on “100% uptime and expansion of existing locations,” he added.

This statement is particularly odd given that Tesla’s Superchargers are already highly reliable with more than a 99% uptime. However, depending on your region, some charging locations can become rather congested, and this will likely worsen as more vehicles come equipped with NACS ports and get access to the Supercharger network.

Rivian recently announced that it will open up its much smaller network of fast chargers to Tesla and other EVs. This may help fill in some gaps, especially since Rivian tends to focus on more rural areas.

Tesla still plans to grow the Supercharger network, just at a slower pace for new locations and more focus on 100% uptime and expansion of existing locations

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 30, 2024

William Jameson, strategic charging programs lead at Tesla,confirmed on Xthat Musk had let the "entire charging org go”. Later on, Musk disclosed that all the sites that are currently under construction “will be completed, ” including the highly anticipated Hollywood Diner. There’s also a new Supercharger planned that will be New England’s largest and include a solar CyberCanopy.

Musk added that Tesla will add “additional Superchargers anywhere where there are gaps,” although as he previously said, it will be at a much slower rate than before.

Tesla announced the first generation of Superchargers in September 2012 with the first 6 locations in the US while expansion to Europe and Asia arrived in mid-2013.

Open of Supercharging Network

In May 2023, Ford announced that it became the first automaker to gain access to Tesla Superchargers across the U.S. and Canada. Less than two weeks later, GM CEO Mary Barrasaid in an X Spaces with Elon Musk, that GM customers would also access more than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in North America.

Major automakers such as Volvo, Mercedes, and Honda plus EV startups including Rivian and Polestar have followed over the next months bringing up the number to 20.

Further Teams Affected

Daniel Ho, Director of Vehicle Programs and New Product Introduction (NPI), has also left the company, along with the entire public policy team previously under Rohan Patel, former Vice President for Public Policy and Business Development.

At the time, Patel said on X that Tesla has “the best policy/biz-dev team in the business” while thanking Elon Musk for “empowering” to “lead big initiatives at the company”.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | X

Video of Tesla Update 2024.14.3 Shows New Wiper Controls, Visualizations and More (2024)
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