Lemonade Renters Insurance Review | April 2024 (2024)

Lemonade Renters Insurance


Cost: 4.8
Availability and Ease of Use: 5
Brand Trust: 5
Coverage: 3.5

Lemonade Renters Insurance Review | April 2024 (1)

Lemonade is our overall top pick

  • Monthly Premium: $13.33
  • Personal Property Limits: $10,000 – $250,000
  • Deductible Options: $250, $500, $1000, $2,500
  • J.D. Power Rating: 854/1000
  • Year Founded: 2015

Add-ons and Discounts

Endorsem*nt Options*Discounts Available
Significant OtherAnnual Payments
Water BackupPet Bundle
Tenant Pet DamageAuto Bundle
Tenant Water DamageLife Bundle
Equipment BreakdownProtective Devices
Earthquake (CA and AR only)

*Endorsem*nts are additional coverage areas you can add to your policy to expand the scope of your basic policy.

Our Thoughts on Lemonade Renters Insurance

A relatively new name in the world of insurance, Lemonade opened in 2015 with an entirely online option for home and renters insurance. Their model is different from other big players in the insurance space like State Farm because rather than relying on local agents to handle policy activation and changes, they leverage smart technology. Generally, it is known for leveraging automated underwriting using artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up the application and claims process. Since launching, the company has expanded to cover pets and cars in some states.

We like Lemonade because they allow users the ability to start a policy and file claims completely online in an instant, allow more flexibility in selecting custom coverage than competitors, and offer some of the most affordable rates on the market. Lemonade is a good fit for renters seeking basic property coverage with fully online quote and claims processes. Its average monthly premium of $13 comes in under the national average of $15, and most users can apply for coverage in less than one minute.

On the other hand, Lemonade falls short compared to competitors when it comes to the ability to connect with a live agent, actual cost value coverage, and natural disaster endorsem*nts. Our analysis of customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) suggested some issues with the company’s AI-assisted customer service, including complaints about how certain reviewers preferred a human assistant. Lemonade also does not offer actual cost coverage or earthquake and flood endorsem*nts, which you can find with other nationwide providers.

Pros and Cons


Costs an average of $13 monthly, lower than the national average

Makes filing claims simple through its intuitive app

Receives positive customer reviews, praising its fast claims process and easy approval


Requires you to connect with an AI chatbot before reaching a human representative

Is only available in 28 states

How Lemonade Scored in Our Methodology

After reviewing more than 20 of the largest renters insurance providers in the country, our team rated Lemonade 4.6 out of 5 stars based on our in-depth methodology. While the company earned top marks in the areas of cost and accessibility, it is not always the best choice for customers seeking a high number of endorsem*nt options.

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MarketWatch Rating 4.6 / out of 5 stars

Rating is based off of MarketWatch Methodology Guidelines

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Rating breakdown

Cost Lemonade scored highly in this category for offering rates at or below the industry average. It also provides a variety of discounts, including for policy bundling and having a claims-free history. 4.8 / 5

Availability and Ease of Use Lemonade earned a perfect score in this category for providing 24/7 customer support and multiple ways for customers to access claims, quotes and account information. 5 / 5

Brand Trust Lemonade has an above-average J.D. Power customer satisfaction score and a low NAIC complaint ratio. 4.98 / 5

Coverage While Lemonade scored points because its basic policy goes beyond standard HO-4 renters coverage, it does not have add-ons for identity theft protection and business property and liability. 3.5 / 5

Lemonade Renters State Availability

Lemonade renters insurance is currently available in a total of 28 states and the District of Columbia, as you can see on the map below.

Availability of Lemonade rental insurance may vary depending on your location and distance to emergency services. When secretly shopping for a quote, our team received multiple coverage rejections for homes located in coastal and exceptionally rural areas. We also found that in areas experiencing natural disasters, Lemonade may require a later start date to begin coverage. Be sure to get a quote to confirm availability for your specific area before choosing Lemonade.

Lemonade Renters Insurance Cost

We requested several renters insurance quotes from Lemonade for rental units across the U.S. and determined an average monthly cost of $13.33. Considering the national average renters insurance rate is $15 per month, Lemonade offers competitive rates. Factors including your credit score, deductible choice, claims history and personal property value will play a role in your monthly premium pricing.

Sample Premiums

Premiums can vary greatly by the state or territory you live in. Here are some of the sample premiums we received when collecting quotes for Lemonade policies with $30,000 in personal property coverage and a $1,000 deductible.

StateSample Monthly Premium
Washington, D.C.$10.42
New York$11.92


Lemonade customers may save on monthly premiums if their rental has specific safety features, including a fire alarm or sprinkler system. The company offers many of the same safety-related discounts as its competitors but lacks discounts for military members, students and senior citizens in most states. While savings options vary by state, common Lemonade discounts include the following:

  • Fire alarm
  • Burglary alarm
  • Smart water valve
  • In-home sprinkler system

You can also save on your Lemonade renters insurance when you bundle it with another Lemonade policy, such as auto or pet insurance.

Lemonade Renters Coverage Options

Like other renters insurance providers, Lemonade’s policies include multiple coverages for a single monthly premium. While specific coverage varies by location, renters insurance coverage generally includes:

  • Personal property: Personal property coverage pays to fix or replace your physical possessions if damaged, including your clothing, furniture, electronics and more. Your policy may exclude valuables, such as fine jewelry. Lemonade’s renters insurance offers replacement cost coverage, so if your personal property is destroyed, the company will cover the cost to buy replacements at today’s market value without depreciation.
  • Loss of use: Loss of use coverage compensates you if your rented space becomes temporarily unlivable. For example, if a fire in your apartment building causes your unit to need remodeling, you can use this coverage to offset the cost of a short-term rental and meals.
  • Liability: Personal liability coverage can help pay legal expenses and settlements if someone gets injured in your rental unit and sues you. It can also come into play if you damage a guest’s property and they sue you for the cost of replacements.
  • Medical payments: Similar to liability coverage, this protection helps pay for guests’ medical bills if they are injured in your rented unit or home. This coverage does not apply to yourself — generally, you would use health insurance to cover your own injuries on the premises.

Lemonade’s coverage limits and inclusions are not as robust as we found with other top renters insurance providers. For example, it caps liability coverage at $1 million and does not offer an option to add actual cost coverage, which can lower policy costs. However, its policy includes unique protections for electronics of up to $6,000 in most areas. These features may make Lemonade a stronger choice if you want electronic-specific coverage, or a less valuable choice if you’re looking for high-value coverage or more plan flexibility.

Here’s how Lemonade’s renters insurance coverage offerings stack up against recommendations from industry experts with the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I).

Coverage AreaLemonade AmountsRecommended Amount
Personal property$10,000–$250,000Enough to cover the actual cash value to replace essential items in your home, or each item’s value minus depreciation over time
Loss of use$3,000–$200,000Six months of living expenses or enough to supplement an emergency fund
Liability$100,000–$1 millionMinimum of $100,000
Medical payments$1,000–$5,000Minimum of $1,000

Endorsem*nt Options

We found that Lemonade does not offer as many endorsem*nts as some other providers. While it offers some coverages not usually found with renters insurance policies — including property damage caused by pets — Lemonade does not offer coverage options for personal business property. It also does not offer identity theft protection, a common inclusion among some competitors.

Like discounts, available endorsem*nt options vary by location. Here are some of the most common endorsem*nt options offered by Lemonade based on quotes we gathered:

  • Interested party coverage (adds your landlord to your policy)
  • Significant other coverage
  • Water backup coverage
  • Tenant pet damage
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Scheduled personal property

Lemonade Quote Process

We found the Lemonade renters insurance quote process was simple, straightforward and easy in most cases. For most quotes we collected, we were able to get full pricing and reach an official sign-up form in about a minute. We requested quotes in some states that required more questions, including Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania, taking about three minutes to complete. Even at three minutes, Lemaonde’s quote process is quick compared to some other options, which makes it an appealing choice for those looking for no-fuss enrollment.

The specific process you experience when getting quotes from Lemonade will depend on your state. In most areas, we were able to get pricing entirely online after answering a few basic questions about the condition and amenities in the sample rental. You may need to answer questions about previous claims and any dog bites or medical incidents that have occurred on your property in the past. A few states, including Florida, require you to submit your Social Security Number to confirm pricing.

What Customers Think of Lemonade Renters Insurance

Our review includes an analysis of third-party customer reviews on the BBB and Trustpilot to better assess a company’s renters insurance coverage. Here’s what we found customers appreciate and don’t appreciate about Lemonade renters insurance.

What Customers Like

  • Low-cost pricing: Customers often noted Lemonade’s lower-than-average pricing, which many reviewers mentioned was the most affordable option they found.
  • Easy-to-use claims form: Some reviewers seemed happy with Lemonade’s online and app-based claims portals, which they called “easy to use” and “seamless.”
  • Effective reimbursem*nts: Many customer reviews touched on being paid quickly after filling a claim.
  • Quick response time: Multiple reviewers said that if forced to wait for customer service to contact them at a later time, representatives were apologetic and seemed familiar with their concerns
  • Friendly professionals: While some customers expressed frustration with Lemonade’s AI-first customer support services, reviews of human customer service professionals were generally positive.

What Customers Don’t Like

  • AI-enabled customer assistance: Some customers seem to find the company’s use of AI systems frustrating, resulting in delayed claims processing and forcing the customer to work around non-responsive prompts.
  • Denied claims: A few customers said Lemonade falsely denied or undervalued their claim, especially if it was related to electronics protections.
  • Long claims process: Many negative reviews detail a long, frustrating claims process that included multiple rounds of back and forth with the company.

We reached out to Lemonade for comment on its negative customer reviews but did not receive a response.

*A.M. Best ratings accurate as of April 2024

Frequently Asked Questions About Lemonade Renters Insurance

Lemonade may not have as long a company history as some of its competitors, but we still regard it as a reliable and safe insurance provider. Lemonade has a financial stability rating of an A with independent credit rating agency Demotech, indicating a likelihood of being able to pay claims into the foreseeable future. It also ranked number 3 on the most recent J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction study with a score of 854/1000.

Whether someone considers Lemonade renters insurance as good or not likely depends on their coverage needs. If you’re a renter who does not have a significant amount of valuable personal property, Lemonade’s affordable premiums and easy buying process can make it a good choice. If you rent a high-value space and need high coverage limits, you may consider looking elsewhere.

The biggest difference between Lemonade and other renters insurance companies is the Lemonade Giveback program. Lemonade sets aside a fixed percentage of your insurance premium to cover claims, expenses and profit. It then donates whatever is left to the charity of your choice through its Giveback program. This business model minimizes the incentive for Lemonade to deny claims because any excess becomes a charitable donation rather than a profit.

Lemonade is an affordable insurance provider partially because it does not maintain a network of in-person locations like some of its competitors. It also uses largely AI-based underwriting processes, which can lead to savings on operations on staffing costs.

Methodology: Our System for Ranking the Best Renters Insurance Companies

Through in-depth research of the industry, we created a comprehensive rating system to rank renters insurance providers. We researched each company by gathering cost information and requesting quotes, combing through policy information, secret shopping and reading customer reviews to understand the customer service experience, and accessing financial reliability scores.

We used these rating factors to determine the best renters insurance companies to help with your decision when looking at policies:

  • Cost: 40%
  • Availability and ease of use: 25%
  • Coverage: 20%
  • Brand trust:: 15%

We routinely monitor and update data on a regular basis to ensure the reviews reflect the most up-to-date information and advice. See our full methodology here

A.M. Best Disclaimer

How We Gather Cost Data

We at the MarketWatch Guides Team gathered renters insurance quotes for the providers in this article using data from Quadrant Information Services. Quadrant is a leading source of property and casualty insurance solutions and data.

The sample renter our quotes are based on is a 30-year-old single male with good credit and no prior claims history. Our sample policies featured a $1,000 deductible and the following coverage and limits:

  • Personal property: $30,000
  • Loss of use: $9,000
  • Liability: $100,000
  • Medical payments: $1,000

For each provider, we gathered a quote for 50% of the ZIP codes in every state the provider is licensed in. We used the most populous ZIP codes for our study. We took the average of these individual quotes to calculate a national average premium per provider.

In some cases, cost data for a top renters insurance company isn’t offered in Quadrant’s database. To gather price information for these providers, we manually pulled quotes directly from insurers’ websites or representatives. We used the same sample homeowner demographics and comparable policy details for more than 20 ZIP codes across the U.S.

Our sample rates are for informational purposes only. Actual premiums will vary.

*AM Best rating accurate as of April 2024.AM Best disclaimer

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Sarah Horvath is one of the home service industry’s most accomplished writers. Her specialties include writing about home warranties, insurance, home improvement and household finances. You can find her writing published through distributors like HouseMethod, Architectural Digest, Good Housekeeping and more. When not writing, she enjoys spending time in her home in Orlando with her fiance and parrot.

Lemonade Renters Insurance Review | April 2024 (8)

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Lemonade Renters Insurance Review | April 2024 (2024)


What is the downside of Lemonade? ›

Denied claims: A few customers said Lemonade falsely denied or undervalued their claim, especially if it was related to electronics protections. Long claims process: Many negative reviews detail a long, frustrating claims process that included multiple rounds of back and forth with the company.

How reliable is lemonade insurance? ›

We at the Guides Home Team found that Lemonade stands out as one of the best homeowners insurance companies in the industry for its unique claim-filing process that uses a mobile app with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to process information and make payouts to homeowners seamlessly and hassle-free.

Is Lemonade financially stable? ›

Lemonade customer satisfaction

While Lemonade does not have a financial strength rating from credit agency AM Best, it received a financial stability rating of A (Exceptional) from financial analysis firm Demotech.

How long does Lemonade take to review a claim? ›

How Long Do Lemonade Pet Claims Take? The company says it aims to pay simple claims instantly. However, some claims will take longer to settle, and sometimes the company will require more information if a claim form isn't complete. According to our research, the average claim turnaround time was 12 to 18 days.

Why avoid lemonade? ›

Frequently drinking sugary drinks like lemonade can lead to a range of issues, such as inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, and more. Karnatz also warns that "lemonade may also be an irritant to the body and worsen heartburn."

Is lemonade good at paying claims? ›

Lemonade comes out ahead when it comes to the speed of claims processing. Some of its claims are paid out almost immediately after being submitted through the app. However, State Farm's renters policies are available in more states than Lemonade's.

Why is lemonade insurance so cheap? ›

Lemonade's use of AI and machine learning means it has lower overheads and can offer rates as low as $25/month. But that doesn't mean we've forgotten how important a human touch is.

Is Lemonade worth it? ›

Overall, Lemonade is a good insurance company. It offers fairly standard insurance coverage at an excellent price. However, customer service reviews are mixed, so it may take longer to make repairs after filing a claim.

What company has the cheapest renters insurance? ›

Which company offers the cheapest renters insurance? According to our research, State Farm and Toggle tend to offer the cheapest renters insurance policies at $10.50 and $12.59 per month, which is about 20% less the national average.

Why is lemonade so popular? ›

Pleasant enough to drink on its own without alcohol, lemonade became an emblem of the temperance movement. Lucy Webb Hayes, First Lady from 1877 to 1881, bore the nickname “Lemonade Lucy” for her refusal to serve alcohol in the White House.

How is lemonade different from other insurance companies? ›

The remaining money from your premiums is put aside to pay out claims, and if there's funds left over, we donate it to charities you care about, via our Giveback program. This unique business model means that we have no financial interest in denying your claims, and we'll never fight over the same coin.

Do you get a refund if you cancel lemonade policy? ›

If you need to cancel your policy for any reason during your policy term, you can do it totally for free, and we'll refund you for the unused portion of your premium. So no worries, your insurance policy term doesn't mean you're bound to your insurance policy for that period of time.

Does Lemonade deny claims? ›

Despite what they initially wrote, the company said it does "not use, and [is] not trying to build, AI that uses physical or personal features to deny claims (phrenology/physiognomy)." "We never let AI auto-decline claims.

How much will I get from Lemonade settlement? ›

Lemonade recently agreed to pay $3 million of a $4 million settlement to a subclass of 5,000 Illinois consumers, leaving the other $1 million to be split between 110,000 consumers in other states; that is $600 per Illinois consumer versus $9.09 per consumer in other states, even with BIPA's GLBA exemption.

How fast does Lemonade reimburse? ›

According to this insurer, AI technology helps to efficiently process claims and reimburse customers in a timely manner, often within 1-2 days. Lemonade has a short waiting period for accidents. Coverage kicks in two days after you purchase the policy.

Is lemonade good or bad for you? ›

Lemons are actually considered a superfood and contain plenty of health benefits and even topical uses. Since lemonade is essentially lemon juice combined with water and some sugar, it is an easy way to get a healthy dose of lemon.

When should you not drink lemonade? ›

If you are sensitive to tyramine, drinking lemon juice can trigger migraine headaches. Lemons can worsen heartburn symptoms in people with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). In high amounts, lemon juice can also irritate your stomach and cause nausea.

Is lemonade bad for your gut? ›

Improve Digestive Health. Lemons are made up of about 10% carbs, mostly in the form of soluble fiber and simple sugars. The main fiber in lemons is pectin, a form of soluble fiber linked to multiple health benefits. Soluble fiber can improve gut health and slow the digestion of sugars and starches.

Is lemonade good or bad for stomach? ›

The amount of acid in lemons can weaken the boundary layer between the stomach and esophagus. This creates favorable conditions for the excess acid in the stomach to move up the esophagus and pharynx, causing uncomfortable burning symptoms.

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