Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (2024)

Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (3)
Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (4)


Kickstart Your Career With eBay

If you are a college student or recent graduate, eBay welcomes you to join us in our mission to connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world. Bring your passion, ideas, and unique perspective to a team that is dedicated to creating economic opportunity for all.

eBay’s Internship Program Is In the Top 100

We’ve been recognized on and WayUp’s Top 100 Internship Programs list for 2022.

Interns and Recent Grads

Help us reimagine our marketplace for millions of customers around the world.

Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (6)

Opportunities in North America

Want to shape the future of how millions of people buy, sell, and connect on eBay? Check out the opportunities for internsand recent grads based in the United States and Canada.

Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (8)

Opportunities in Europe, Middle East & Asia

Did you know that eBay connects millions of buyers and sellers in more than 190 markets around the world? Imagine your career at eBay! Check out our featured global opportunities for students and recent grads.

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US Interns

Interested in being an eBay intern? Hear from our 2022Intern Cohort and learn more about their experience during eBay’s internship, the projects they worked on and more.

EMEA Emerging Talent

For these EMEA recent grads, no two days are ever the same at eBay. They share what makes them excited to work at eBay every day.

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USEmerging Talent

Our Recent Graduates work on real eBay projects that innovate our platform. Hear from these recent college grads reflect on how they’re making an impact, both at work and in their own communities.

AustraliaEmerging Talent

These recent college grads in eBay Australia are working on projects that shape the way Australians shop online. Learn more about their experience at eBay and the projects they are working on.

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ChinaEmerging Talent

Recent college grads from our APAC region share how working at eBay has empowered them to take part in projects that make an impact.

Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (15)

eBay's dedication to community empowerment and inclusivity is so exciting to witness because it speaks to the core of eBay's marketplace, which is the belief that people are fundamentally good.


Employee Communications|San Jose, CA

Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (16)

Having the opportunity to work at such a large and varied company was what first attracted me to eBay, but the recruitment process and culture was what really made me want to join the company.


Marketing| Sydney, Australia

Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (17)

eBay's culture is a very special one; one of our DNA principles is to 'be for everyone' and I am grateful that I experience that every day working here. My favourite thing about the culture is that it's very inclusive, with a real sense that every voice matters, regardless of your job role.


Category Manager | Richmond, UK

Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (18)

I'm working on a tool that shows where data flows between different internal applications, and allows users to interact with the displayed graph in an intuitive way. This allows for an understanding of where specific data points are being generated and used.


Software Engineer | San Jose, CA

Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (19)

Apart from technical things, I interacted with a diverse set of people which I feel is enriching to one's personality.



Software Engineer | San Jose, CA

Are you interested in aneBay career?

View our Emerging Talent openings and apply now! Our internship roles are posted from September through March.

U.S Service Members & Veterans:learn about eBay’s Honor Role Apprenticeship Programwhere U.S. service members
and veterans can spend up to six months at eBay gaining experience to shape the next chapter in their career.

Jobs for Emerging Talent: eBay Careers (2024)
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