Does renters insurance cover pets? (2024)

Renters insurance may cover pet damage as part of your policy's liability coverage. This may help protect your finances if your pet injures someone else or damages their property. However, renters insurance won't cover damage to your own property that's caused by your pet. In some instances, repairs that are made by your landlord may come out of your security deposit.

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How does renters insurance cover pet liability?

If you share a rental home with your dog, cat or other pet, renters insurance policy may help protect you from the liability you assume as its legal owner. Most renters insurance companies include coverage for your pets as part of your policy's liability coverage. Be sure to check your policy and see if that is the case. Personal liability coverage is typically divided into the following components:

  1. Bodily injury liability:

    This portion of your renters insurance policy may protect you if you are liable for injuries caused by anyone in your household – even your furry family members.

  2. Property damage liability:

    If your pet damages someone else's personal property, this coverage may pay out. Let's say your dog gets into the neighbor's yard and digs up their professionally planted flowerbeds. As long as the damages are within your policy's limits, you may be covered for the cost of hiring a landscaper to replant the flower beds.

Does renters insurance cover dog bites?

In most instances, renters insurance covers dog bites up to your policy’s limits as a part of bodily injury liability coverage. However, every policy will have different rules, including some restrictions on certain dog breeds. It’s best to check your policy to see if there are any limitations based on the type of dog you have and/or if it’s possible to get additional coverage. While not all breeds may be excluded, you may be surprised to find more than just Pit Bulls on the list.

In the event your renters insurance policy won’t cover Fido, you may be able to purchase separate coverage on top of your existing renters insurance policy. You’ll need to check with your existing provider before you add renters insurance coverages and be sure to include details about your current renters policy when you get a quote from another provider.

Dog bites are one of the most common examples of bodily injury liability claims. According to, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States every year, resulting in an average homeowners insurance claim payout of $44,760.

How do I add a pet to my renters insurance policy?

When obtaining a quote for renters insurance, you'll typically be asked to provide information about the pets or animals you own or keep at your home. If you acquire or adopt a pet after obtaining your renters insurance, you can contact your agent or insurer to amend your policy. Most renters insurance companies cover household domestic pets like cats and dogs, but there may be exceptions, especially for certain dog breeds.

If your renters insurance company won't extend liability coverage to your pet, you may be able to purchase a separate animal liability policy from another insurer. The cost of an animal liability policy may vary based on your pet’s breed and size, as well as your location and the limits you choose.

Pet damages that aren't covered by your renters insurance policy

  • Damage to your own property: Renters insurance doesn't cover pet damage to your personal belongings. For example, if your cat decides to use your sofa as a scratching post, you'll have to repair or replace it yourself.
  • Injuries to yourself, your family, and/or roommates: Your renters insurance policy won't pay for dog bites or other injuries sustained by anyone who resides in your home, but does cover houseguests.

How much will I pay for renters insurance with pets?

Most renters insurance companies include coverage for household pets within your base premium. However, that may vary by insurer.

What's the difference between renters insurance and pet insurance?

The primary purpose of renters insurance is to protect your property and assets if you live in a rental unit. The liability coverage included in your policy also applies to your pets, and in some cases may pay for the damage your pet causes to someone else’s property.

Pet insurance is designed to help with unexpected veterinary bills in the event of an illness or injury and may be able to help with preventative care. If you’re looking for coverage when your furry friend gets sick, learn more about pet insurance.

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Does renters insurance cover pets? (2024)


Does renters insurance cover pets? ›

Quick Answer

Are pets covered in renters insurance? ›

Most renters insurance companies cover household domestic pets like cats and dogs, but there may be exceptions, especially for certain dog breeds. If your renters insurance company won't extend liability coverage to your pet, you may be able to purchase a separate animal liability policy from another insurer.

Why do insurance companies ask if you have pets? ›

Pets can damage not only your home and property but property belonging to other people that visit or live near you. More significantly, dogs can bite people, leaving you and your insurance company liable for their injuries. So overall, pets are seen as a liability by many insurance companies.

Why would a renter's insurance agency want to know whether you own pets? ›

Additionally, if your pet causes damage to the property you are renting, that is usually not covered under your policy. Instead, your landlord's policy is likely to cover those damages. If you're a renter with a pet, it's essential to let your insurance company know about the animals you have in your home.

Does renters insurance cover if my dog bites someone? ›

Yes, your renters insurance personal liability protection should pay for medical bills if your dog bites someone, with some exceptions. This usually includes guests or strangers and doesn't include cases where your dog bites someone who lives in your home.

What is typically not covered by renters insurance? ›

Damage Caused by Floods, Earthquakes and Sinkholes

Flooding, earthquakes and sinkholes are all examples of natural disasters that are not covered by a typical renters insurance policy.

What does animal liability insurance cover? ›

Animal Liability Insurance protects you in the event of damages or injuries caused by your dog or other pet that you own. Liability insurance is a form of third-party coverage, meaning that it compensates others – not you or members of your household.

Should I tell my insurance I have a dog? ›

Yes, you should tell your insurance company if you have a dog. That's especially true if yours tends to show up on lists of vicious or dangerous dog breeds. If you don't, you could be due for a rude awakening.

Why would pet insurance deny a claim? ›

The records allow the insurer to assess whether treatment is related to a pre-existing condition; if it is, the claim will typically be denied, although there may be exceptions (check the coverage details for the pet insurance policy).

What voids pet insurance? ›

Some of the most common things pet insurance does not cover are: Pre-existing illness or injury - In general, insurers will not cover illness or injury that your pet had or showed signs of having before the policy started.

Why do landlords care about pets? ›

Landlord Advantages

Tenants stay longer in one place when they have a companion animal. Boost the percentage of responsible tenants in your property. Individuals who have companion animals tend to be more responsible and caring. Improve the quality of life for your tenants.

Does renters insurance cover pit bulls? ›

Whether your renters insurance covers pit bulls depends on your specific insurance company. Some insurers have banned dog breed lists that exclude certain dog breeds such as pit bulls. Others will offer coverage unless the dog has a history of biting or aggressive behavior.

What are the pros and cons of renters with pets? ›

5 Pros of Allowing Pets in Your Rental Property
  • Pro #1: Higher Rent. Allowing pets into your rental property may help you net higher rent. ...
  • Pro #2: Longer Tenancies. ...
  • Pro #3: More Responsible. ...
  • Pro #4: Bigger Tenant Pool. ...
  • Pro #5: Timely Rent Payments. ...
  • Con #1: Property Damage. ...
  • Con #2: Noise. ...
  • Con #3: Vacancy.

Are there certain dog breeds that might not be covered by a standard renters insurance policy? ›

Key points. Some home insurance companies ban certain dog breeds, which means there is no liability coverage if your dog injures someone or destroys their property. Dog breeds banned by home insurance companies often include Doberman Pinschers, pit bulls and Rottweilers.

Is lemonade renters insurance good? ›

Whether someone considers Lemonade renters insurance as good or not likely depends on their coverage needs. If you're a renter who does not have a significant amount of valuable personal property, Lemonade's affordable premiums and easy buying process can make it a good choice.

Does renters insurance cover clothes stolen out of your car? ›

Renters insurance will cover the theft of your belongings both inside and outside your home. For example, if someone steals your stuff from your car or a hotel room, renters insurance can reimburse you. The policy will have a deductible, which is the amount of money deducted from an insurance claim check.

Does renters insurance cover cat pee damage? ›

Typically, cat pee or dog pee is not covered under renters insurance. Pet damages to a property are considered the responsibility of the pet owner.

Does pet insurance cover all pets or just one? ›

Some insurers will allow you to add multiple pets to one policy, though most may require you to buy separate policies for each pet instead. Note that many pet insurance companies will only provide coverage for cats and dogs, so you may be out of luck with other pets like birds, hamsters, snakes, and rabbits.

Does Liberty Mutual renters insurance cover pets? ›

You can also add additional coverages to give you extra protection. Please note, liability coverage comes standard with a Liberty Mutual Renters policy. This means you're protected if you, your family member, or your pet injures someone or damages their property.

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