Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows? Insurance FAQs (2024)

Few things lead to panic like the sound of a broken window. Everyone from a toddler to a senior citizen and all ages in between knows that sound is bad. While a little kid may hear it and think “Someone is in trouble. I hope it isn’t me!” an adult will instead think “Someone is paying for that. I hope it isn’t me!”

If you rent a house or apartment, you may wonder if this is the landlord’s responsibility to fix or

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  • When Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows?
  • Broken Windows in Your Home
  • Broken Windows at Someone Else’s Home
  • How to File a Broken Window Claim

When Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows?

Rather than a hard yes or no, the answer to this question is “Maybe.” Renters insurance will cover the cost of a broken window if that window belongs to another person. This is covered under the liability portion of your renters insurance policy.

Broken Windows in Your Home

Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows? Insurance FAQs (1)

Let’s say you accidentally break your window while having a party. A particularly rowdy guest breaks your window. Renters insurance will not cover a broken window in your own residence. Renters insurance only covers your personal property, not the home. Damage to the physical structure of the building you live in, which includes a broken window, is covered by your landlord insurance. However, don’t be surprised if you have to cover the cost.

Broken Windows at Someone Else’s Home

On the other hand, let’s say you were playing ball outside and accidentally threw a baseball through a neighbor’s window. As mentioned above, the liability portion of a renters insurance policy pays for the costs and fees associated with claims for which you’re found liable.

They will tell you when they’ve filed a claim with their insurance company. If it’s determined that you’re liable for the damage, your insurance company will reimburse you the cost of the window up to your policy’s limit of liability. This is covered by your personal liability coverage.

How to File a Broken Window Claim

Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows? Insurance FAQs (2)

A broken window isn’t going to fix itself. In the same way, an auto insurance policy protects your car and a watercraft insurance policy protects a boat, a renters insurance policy covers renters like you who live in a house or apartment they lease. It is like home insurance, but for a home, you don’t own. The typical renters insurance policy includes coverage that helps to protect you, your personal property, and your living arrangements after a covered loss.

If you feel a broken window is covered by your renters insurance policy, the next thing to do is to file a claim. Pronto makes filing a claim easy to do on our app or on our website. Simply click the “File a Claim” icon at the top of this screen to begin. Contact your insurer and let us know if you have any additional questions! Your insurance agent is always here to help.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows? Insurance FAQs (2024)


Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows? Insurance FAQs? ›

Broken Windows in Your Home

Will renters insurance cover a broken window? ›

Renters insurance will not cover a broken window in your own residence, but the personal liability coverage in your policy will cover damage to someone else's window if it's determined you're the liable party.

What are three examples of things that could occur that renter's insurance would not cover? ›

Items not covered with renters insurance include:
  • Personal property loss that exceeds the coverage limits on your renters insurance policy.
  • Liability situations that exceed the limits on your policy.
  • Damages caused to the structure of the building you are renting (which is covered by your landlord's homeowners policy).
Apr 3, 2024

Do insurance companies pay for broken windows? ›

Comprehensive coverage covers damages not related to an accident, which usually includes broken windows. This might include vandalism or bad weather which then leads to broken windows. However, comprehensive and collision do not always cover broken windows.

Which one of the following is not covered by renter's insurance? ›

Damage Caused by Floods, Earthquakes and Sinkholes

Flooding, earthquakes and sinkholes are all examples of natural disasters that are not covered by a typical renters insurance policy.

What happens if you break a window in an apartment? ›

Since damage to a rental property is typically seen as a landlord's responsibility, broken windows are often covered by the landlord's policy. However, if you accidentally break a window on someone else's property, the liability portion of your renters insurance policy will likely cover the expenses.

Is the landlord responsible for a cracked windows? ›

You have a right to a livable, or habitable, rental. That means your landlord must ensure that conditions are safe. A broken window is not safe for anyone, and could lead to more serious damage and crime. Generally speaking, landlords are responsible for fixing a broken window belonging to a rental property.

What are 5 different events that would cause losses that would be covered by renters insurance? ›

Things like theft, fire, vandalism, some types of water damage (such as from burst pipes), a windstorm, and so on. (These are what's known as 'named perils' in insurance speak.)

What are the 4 parts of coverage for renters insurance? ›

Renters insurance covers damage to or theft of personal property, personal liability damages, emergency medical expenses for guests and additional living expenses if you need to temporarily relocate.

What are 2 reasons people typically do not get renters insurance? ›

Landlords have property insurance, but those policies are designed to cover the building, rather than your personal items. Many renters don't purchase renter's insurance, either because they don't think it is necessary or believe they are covered under the landlord's policy.

What is the broken windows policy? ›

In criminology, the broken windows theory states that visible signs of crime, antisocial behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes.

What to do when someone breaks your house window? ›

The most important step is to seek emergency board up services until you can have a replacement window installed. Boarding up broken windows prevents your home from being a repeat target during this vulnerable time.

Can you replace windows on insurance? ›

Can I claim for new windows on home insurance? The rule of thumb with insurance companies is they won't cover damage that is self-inflicted or caused by neglect. If you've had low-quality windows installed, causing your house to get draughty, replacing them won't be covered by your insurance.

Which of the following is covered by renters insurance? ›

Renters insurance covers personal property, personal liability, medical payments and additional living expenses or loss of use, up to the limits of your policy.

What does renters insurance cover definition? ›

Renters insurance protects your personal property in a rented apartment, condo or home from unexpected circ*mstances such as theft, a fire or sewer backup damage – and will pay you for lost or damaged possessions.

Which of the following homeowners policies covers renters insurance? ›

HO-4 (tenant's form)

HO-4 insurance is designed for renters only, with coverage for loss of use (if the renter is unable to live in their rented house or apartment), personal property, and liability.

Who is the tenant for a cracked window? ›

Landlord Responsibility

In most cases, it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that any damage to the property is repaired. This includes the repair of broken windows unless the damage was caused by the tenant.

Does renters insurance cover a broken glass stove top? ›

With most renters insurance policies, you're protected if your stove is damaged by fire, theft or vandalism. However, if it stops working because of an electrical or mechanical failure, you'll only get coverage if you purchased an endorsem*nt, specifically for equipment breakdown.

Does Lemonade renters insurance cover broken windows? ›

No, Lemonade renters insurance doesn't cover broken windows. This is because renters insurance provides coverage over the renter's personal property, not the building they live in.

Does renters insurance cover damaged electronics? ›

It depends. If your computer is stolen from inside your rental apartment or it's damaged by a fire, your renters insurance may kick in to help pay for a repair or replacement. But if your laptop breaks due to an accident or normal wear and tear, your renters insurance likely won't cover the damage.

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