Apne TV- Watch All Hindi Serials Online For Free. Is It Legal? (2024)

Apne TV is a piracy website which is well known for Indian serials, Hindi dramas, international documentaries and more. Keeping the evolution of streaming services in mind, It is available in both web and android platform. Moreover, it doesn’t burn much of your internet data which is a priority for customers now. Apne TV is completely free to watch and is available on Google play store.


Piracy websites upload content in illegal ways. Watching them is completely illegal and unethical. It makes huge losses to the original content creators. We suggest you not to encourage piracy websites. We respect the movie industry and the following article is just to give information and risks regarding the usage of the website and we are not responsible for any activities later .contact us if you have any issues on publishing this content.

As said above, it is one of the most used streaming applications out there. We will be discussing more here in the following sections.

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What is Apne TV and how does it work?

Apne TV is a popular piracy streaming platform which offers most popular Hindi serials and dramas, Tamil serials and what not. Most of the popular documentaries are available as well. Being a pirated website, it keeps changing its websites same as movierulz i.e apne.tv, apnetv.me are some of the domains it had used in past. It had all versions of quality videos including HD.

There are several reports in past that app is being removed from play store and all related stores as it is promoting the copyrighted content which is completely illegal. But one can’t stop people’s love for pirated content online. Increase in data usage makes it reach more audience.

Some of the domains related to Apne TV are already blocked by the Indian government but it is still accessible easily through other domains, APK files and official applications from play store.

Some working websites are,


How does Apne TV work: It is similar to all the pirated websites. Content will be uploaded in many illegal ways and through cyberlockers which makes money for the organisers and content uploaders to earn few bucks. Most of the times they won’t disclose any information related to owners and uploaders. All the information which is visible for us regarding details is faked.

How to find the working URL of Apne TV?

If you are familiar with such pirated websites, it’s well known that they change URL address frequently in order to bypass the website ban.

From my experience, whatever the domain extension may be, the website names will be apnetv for most of the times. For example, sometimes it might be apnetv.us and apnetv1.me or something similar. Moreover, the domain and user interface might remain the same and the website extension changes every time. Keep an eye on UI so that it will be sorted out easily.

The only way to find the working URL of Apne TV is through Google search. Not found? Try the Google search with modifiers such as “Apnetv”.

Features of Apne TV

It’s worth to know more features of the streaming app before using it. Here are the features which lure the audience amid thousands of streaming platforms.

  • Content is uploaded to servers which helps in fast streaming.
  • Size of the app is too small and doesn’t eat away your mobile ROM.
  • You can watch or download content from the application.
  • The user interface is too simple.
  • Updates are frequent which fixes bugs every time.
  • Upon all the above, it is completely free.

List of TV channels and shows on Apve TV

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Firstly, All the entertainment data is available on Apne TV. Dramas, Movies, Reality shows and thrillers of many other languages including desi serials are easily available.

Here I will be listing some popular Hindi channels which are well known for desi reality shows and serials and most of the searches are related to these channels as well. Some of the popular TV channels are,

  • Sony TV
  • Colors
  • Star Plus
  • SAB Tv
  • MTV Hindi
  • Star Bharat
  • ZEE Tv channels and many more

Some of the popular desi serials and shows which had huge following are,

  • Bigg Boss
  • Kapil Sharma Show
  • KBC
  • Naagin
  • Indian Idol
  • Tarek Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma
  • Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Bhabhiji Ghar Pat Hai
  • Patiala Babes
  • Dance Plus
  • Tara from Satara
  • Beyhadh and more

HBO’s Masterpiece The Wire is not available. Such shows have no place in Apne TV and can also be viewed using official channels.

Here is the brief description of some of the popular shows which are widely searched over ApneTV. As of now all the following shows/series are available. They might be removed as time being.

Bigg Boss Apne TV

It is one of the popular search terms which lands you on Bigg Boss episodes from the Apne TV. Bigg Boss is a reality show which is quite popular in Hindi and is adopted from Big Brother where 15-16 housemates are sent to House and were asked to live for 100 days without mobile and all. The elimination depends upon the public voting and winner can get a cash prize of 50 lakhs. It can be a golden opportunity for most of the film stars out there to create an impact for notable filmmakers. It was freely available in Hotstar and was telecasted in television often.

  • Also Read: Bigg Boss Tamil Vote, Eliminations and contestants
  • Bigg Boss Kannada vote, Eliminations and contestants

Tenali Rama apne tv

Tenali Rama is a comedy serial which is being telecasted in SonyLiv for years. It is all about Tenali Rama, A 20 years boy who always dreams of becoming rich but is lazy at doing hard work. The appearance of Goddess kali changes the things he lives and starts a path-breaking life by becoming a poet in krishnadevaraya Fort. It was freely available in SonyLive

Nimki Mukhiya Apne Tv

Nimki Mukhiya is a Hotstar backed drama and is available for free. It is all about a Girl leader who looks like a ray of hope for the lives of the people. How she reacts to the needs of people during a crisis forms the actual plot of the drama.

Siya ke Ram Apne Tv

A mythological drama from Hotstar which is a replicate of Ramayan but treated in another way. In short, it was retold version of the original Ramayan from the eyes of brave sita. There is no need for Apne TV for this as it was freely available on its streaming platform.

Beyhadh Apne TV

It is one more free series of SonyLiv. Beyhadh is all about Maya’s love drama who falls for Arjun, her employee and later gets married. The real problem raises after marriage for her possessiveness over her husband. Jennifer Winget suits well as Maya.

Shakti Apne Tv

Shakti which can be termed as strength in English is one of the popular serials with over 1200+ episodes. It is a social drama that was initially aired in 2016 on colours TV and is still continuing. The entire theme of shakti is about the transgender community and how they interact with society for their justice forms the entire serial.

Main cast of Shakti is as follows,

  • Rubina as Soumya Singh
  • Vivian Dsena as Harman Singh
  • Jigyasa Singhas Heer Singh
  • Simba as Virat Singh

All the above shows are accessed by a single search and click. All the episodes including previous seasons can be downloaded as well.

How to watch and download Latest Apne Tv Hindi serials

VPN is recommended to browse the entire website or application without trouble. Most of the times the content might not be accessible in most of the countries as it is completely pirated one.

Once again, Don’t watch all the shows and serials in pirated websites which is completely illegal. This causes a huge loss to the film industry and can land you in troubles. Do support the official applications and browse safely.

Here is the complete procedure on how to download and watch the latest serials and shows on Apne TV in no time. This works with every content on the website.

  • Go to Google playstore and search for “Apne TV”
  • Apne TV was usually removed from playstore due to it’s copyrighted content. It it is available install it.If not, Google it and download it’s APK file.
  • Launch the application and create a free account. Account is must to browse content.
  • Later, use search bar on app or website and find the content you want to watch.

If you are familiar with website,

  • Go to Google.com and use any of the above websites to access the site.
  • If not allowed, use VPN to get access to blocked websites.
  • Create an account as the content is only for registered members. There is no need to pay for anything. Just create a free account.
  • Browse the site and watch popular content with popcorn.

All the videos can be downloaded in smartphone and PC by using an Internet download manager which is a bit technical process. If you are good at it, copy the URL of the serial or show and insert into IDM and download it. It really requires a lot of data and beware of scams while downloading. Mostly these websites feed on unnecessary ads for revenue which is annoying for the users.

How to unblock Apne TV?

As said, such pirated websites change the URL from being banned by Internet service providers. Sometimes, people can’t access the website for content for pirated reasons. However, Here comes the VPN into play and here is how to unblock Apne Tv and watch serials.

  • Have a premium VPN.
  • Enable it and start browsing and it works same as before.

How safe is Apne TV and Is it legal?

Apne TV is not safe and is illegal as well. It violates the copyrights laws of the movie industry worldwide and such sites are mostly banned by all countries. However, using a VPN solves the problem but it can’t be legal.

Safety is a myth here at least on these sites. They live on multiple ad networks which were completely scam-related for revenue. Such kind of apps might asks all the permissions to copy personal information from our mobile which we blindly accept all the permissions. There are incidents where privacy information is being uploaded in their servers which also include bank details. Don’t stake your bank details for sake of 1000 Rupees(As most of the premium subscriptions are around 1000).

In short, It is not safe and is illegal. The government had all rights to take against these websites at any time.

These measures should be taken if you decided to use website,

  • Always have a premium antivirus software which auto-scans all the files all the time.
  • Never download from unknown locations.
  • Always click on the links if you really knew the output. Don’t risk your personal data with a single click.
  • Force close the website of application if notices an unusual activity.

Hope we had covered each and everything related to Apne TV on how to watch desi Hindi serials and shows for free. Hollywood movies and shows are available as well.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by the users.

Do you need to be a registered user for streaming on Apne TV?

Registration is not mandatory but you will get some more features by creating a free account such as chat with others and notifications when new episodes are released and such stuff. You can directly browse all the content without an account.

What are the some best legal alternatives to Apne Tv?

Most of the popular shows and serials are available for free in their own streaming platforms.
Amazon Prime Video
Mx Player
Sony Liv And more are some of the options.

Is Apne TV free?

Yes, it is completely free. The content is pirated which was uploaded without any notice to the original creators which creates a loss.

Why Apne.TV 2020 is so popular ?

Free with all content. OTT platforms are increasing their customer base and these pirated websites as well by simply uploading content in many ways. Who pays to watch a show or series if it is already available for free on the internet with the same video and audio quality.

Apne TV- Watch All Hindi Serials Online For Free. Is It Legal? (2024)
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